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.hack//SIGN (US)

.hack//SIGN (US)

1 Seasons, 26 Episodes | Airs: Saturday 12:00 pm on Cartoon Network | Show Status: Canceled/Ended

Genre: Anime, Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

“The world”, a massive multiplayer game has swept the web, boasting 6 million players on its servers, and undergoing years worth of expansions. However, “the world” is about to change, thanks to an omnipresent program created to bring birth to the designer’s dream. Programs, however, do not [+]

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Season 1, Episode 26
Aired: August 30, 2003


Morgana creates copies of Mimiru, Subaru, and Tsukasa in an effort to pit them against each other. However, Tsukasa sees through her efforts. The three then proceed to find Aura, and with Tsukasa's touch, the girl is awakened. Helba has Bear, BT, Crim, and Silver Knight, go back to Net Slum. As Morgana threatens them for awakening Aura, Sora jumps in and tells them to warp to Net Slum. He announ...

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