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How I Met Your Mother - the cast's final chit chat with fans

How I Met Your Mother - the cast's final chit chat with fans

The season finale of How I Met Your Mother which also marks an end to the popular series is one of the most talked about television event these days. The finale which will be broadcast on 31st march has left many fans teary eyed as they await the end to their favourite prime time show.

The cast and crew of How I Met Your Mother made a farewell appearance in front of fans at the famous Dolby theatre last night. The entire cast and crew was present for a last face-to-face encounter with fans before the season finale except Jason Segel while Neil Patrick Harris joined via Skype. The cast shared some light and funny moments with the audience which had the crowd in squeals of laughter. Many questions were put across by the audience to fish out details about the season finale including the popular theory making rounds these days that the Mother has died in the future.  However, they did not divulge any details and urged the fans to 'stay tuned for two weeks'. One detail that the cast did reveal was that near the end of the next episode there is a 'moment' which no ardent How I Met Your Mother viewer would ever want to miss.

The night was more about reminiscing the entire journey of How I Met Your Mother while the producers even joked that they had never expected the show to be such a grand success. Harris, who plays the much loved Barney, shared that at the beginning of the show he thought his character would only be a 'devil on the shoulder' of Ted. Even he had never imagined that his character would 'mature and fall in love with Robin' as the show approached the finale. Alyson, our very own Lily, also shared that during a recent shot with on screen husband, Jason Segel, she thought that 'this was the last time I'll be lying in bed with this bozo'. To add on to this series of confessions, Cristin Milloti, the Mother, told the audience that it took her nearly three episodes to realise that her role was 'a big deal'.

How I Met Your Mother creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, acknowledged that this show was career defining for them and it would be very difficult to come up with something to match the success of HIMYM. The creators 'bombed' the audience with a joke that their work would be a lowly ambitious work called 'Who Farted'. However, the night did not see any mention about the spin-off series called 'How I Met your Dad' which is doing frequent rounds on the internet these days.

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