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Pretty Little Liars - Hot And Happening

Pretty little liars

Pretty little liars, the famed ‘Desperate Housewives’ for teens, has kept all the viewers glued to their television screens for the past 4 seasons. The girls or ‘liars’ as they are popularly known over the internet have inspired many teen trends. Their fashion following was taken to an all new high when Aéropostale launched a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ line of clothing. The girls teen rage has awarded them with many public choice pop awards like best cable TV actress 2014 for Lucy Hale.

Fictional Reality

However, this popular TV show has also met with a lot of criticism from the ‘grown up audience’. The story-line has often been called flawed and highly impractical. The fact that the girls never seek help of elders even when being mysteriously contacted and black mailed by a stranger surely doesn't go down very well with a lot of audience. The perfectly groomed teenagers chasing secrets and running away from murder is a modern day fantasy. But, irrespective of this, the ‘liars’ have a massive fan following because very frankly, since when is entertainment about things making practical sense. The fans are always kept enthralled as the girls move from adventurers running across wild woods to becoming perfectly made up girls at school.

Something New, Something Old, Something Returning

The newest offering for the viewers was the season finale of season 4 which was full of nail-biting thrill. In season four, the viewers also saw the girls in bridal attires which surely stole a million hearts. After the huge success of the previous seasons and a massive teen following, ABC has now commissioned season 5 which is all set to hit the screens in June 2014. The new season offers the return of hottie, Tyler Blackburn, as a regular part of season 5 as Caleb Rivers. And sources have revealed that one of the liars, Ashley Benson, is all set to bid adieu to her dark locks as she dyes them back to blonde for the latest season. Season 5 premiere boasts of a danger that might descend on the Liars as E! Online suggested that two surgeons would be sharing screen space with the girls on episode number one. Let’s hope that all is merry in the world of the Pretty Little Liars as they face ‘A’ with Alison back! However, the show would definitely lack spice and thrill if everyone ‘lived happily ever after’. So, the fans have their fingers crossed as to what bone chilling events might occur in this modern day fairy tale of sorts.

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