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How I Met Your Mother: 'Gary Blauman' Review

'Gary Blauman' episode of 'How I met Your Mother' aired on 17th March. It was for the second time that an episode was named after a character. Last time an episode was named after one of the most adorable character Daisy Erikson. But this time episode was named after Goliath National Bank's scandalous person, 'Gary Blauman', a minor character so fans had a perception that episode would roam only around him. The reason for such mind set is one of the earlier episode 'Across the sea' which was holistically focused on minor characters. But Thomas and Bay brought something really different for fans this time. There were so many milestone events in the episode that no one was expecting.

Encounters with Gary Blauman - Code Red: At Robin and Barney's wedding, everyone was in a dilemma whether or not to kick out the notorious 'Gary Blauman'. Gary (Taran Killam - real life husband of character Robin) is Barney's colleague who hardly makes an appearance on the show. The surprise and unexpected turn up of Blauman at his pal's weeding took everybody in the flashback of how they encountered Gary Blauman.

Ted shared that he and Gary once competed with each other for a hot chick's attention at a friend's party. Ted with little hesitation on his face admitted that Gary was the winner of that bet. Lily also revealed that she absolutely loves this guy as once he stopped her from getting a tattoo when she temporarily broke up with Marshall. The reason for love of William Zabka towards Gary is Gary's appreciation for Zabka's poetry.

Ted, 'the mother', and a Kiss: Ted and 'the mother' meet each other for a lovely date at a restaurant that serves Scottish-Mexican fusion cuisine. The date involved a lot of affirmation from 'the mother' as she shared with Ted that after 'turning down his proposal' she is not ready for stepping into any love relationship. Ted is taken by surprise when she takes the initiative for their very first kiss and asks him to walk her down the road.

In the upcoming episodes fans will see love blossoming between Ted and 'the mother'. We hope that the crescendo that the show is building up in its final episodes reaches an all new high and the last few episodes turn out to be one better than the other.

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