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Babylon 5

Babylon 5

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5 Seasons, 111 Episodes | Airs: 12:00 pm on Syndicated | Show Status: Canceled/Ended

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Babylon 5 was a ground-breaking science fiction series, the first to utilize a multi-season story arc for its entire run. It was written and plotted from the start as a "novel for television", with a clear beginning, middle and end. Moreover, it was a visual effects pioneer, being shot in th cinematic [+]

Last Episode

Sleeping in Light
Season 5, Episode 22
Aired: November 25, 1998

Sleeping in Light

Twenty years have passed since Z'ha'dum and, as prophesised by Lorien, it is time for Sheridan to die. He does, however, have enough time to tie some loose ends, say his goodbyes to old friends. Ivanova is now general, Vir Cotto is Emperor of the Centauri Republic, Garibaldi is on Mars leading the Edgars Corporation, Franklin is working on Earth - but they all immediately pack their things and hea...

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