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Can We Help?

Can We Help?

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4 Seasons, 36 Episodes | Airs: Friday 6:30 pm on ABC | Show Status: Returning Series

Genre: Discovery/Science, Educational, Mystery

Can We Help? is an audience-driven series with the questions and stories coming from viewers at home. If you've got a question you think might stump the team, or a puzzle you want solved - we want to hear from you. Can We Help? often receives calls from people who require specialist knowledge - so [+]

Latest Episode

Episode 36
Season 2, Episode 36
Aired: October 19, 2007

Episode 36

Next week on Can We Help? How long does it take to mummify a body, Pete finds out whether bullet proof vests are actually bulletproof and we help Karen Laverty fulfil a life long dream in the Netherlands.

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Season 2


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