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In Search of Myths and Heroes

In Search of Myths and Heroes

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1 Seasons, 4 Episodes | Airs: 12:00 pm on BBC TWO | Show Status: Canceled/Ended

Genre: Discovery/Science, History, Literature

In Search of Myths and Heroes Written by Michael Wood Over the last twenty years, Michael Wood has captivated readers and viewers alike with his romantic journeys into the past from In Search of the Trojan Wars to his epic journeys in In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great and The Conquistadors. [+]

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Arthur: The Once and Future King
Season 1, Episode 4
Aired: November 30, 2004

Arthur: The Once and Future King

What was the Holy Grail? How did the search for this ultimate religious symbol come to be connected with Arthur, the once and future king? Was there a real Grail? A real King Arthur? And why does the quest for the Grail, still obsess us even today, from New Agers and mystics to Monty Python and Indiana Jones? Each journey opens up universal themes as Michael goes in search not only of the historic...

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