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Jonathan Meades on France

Jonathan Meades on France

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1 Seasons, 3 Episodes | Airs: Wednesday 9:00 pm on BBC FOUR | Show Status: New Series

Genre: Educational, History

Jonathan Meades scrutinises the 95 per cent of France that Brits drive through and don't notice en route to the 5 per cent that conforms to their expectation.

Latest Episode

Just a Few Debts France Owes to America
Season 1, Episode 3
Aired: February 01, 2012

Just a Few Debts France Owes to America

The broadcaster concludes his attempt to depict the parts of French life not usually seen by British tourists by analysing the country's relationship with America. He argues that, though France's attitude to the USA is supposedly indifferent, its popular culture owes a sizeable debt to art, music, architecture and cuisine that was created on the other side of the Atlantic. Last in the series.

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